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Our plans for 2017 -2020

Mid-2016 we have decided to focus on two long-term projects within the context of poverty reduction and self-reliance.                                               These two projects The Community of Hope Karamoja and The Community of Hope Kotido are located in the northeast of Uganda. The Karimojong tribe lives there in appalling conditions. So it rains there rarely, education is scarce and the access to this area is bad. The majority of this population is illiterate and their daily activities consist mainly of farming. Very few earn enough to small farmers in the livelihood of their families. For many farmers it’s only survive. In the coming years we are going to help these people to develop themselves better and with our proven concept we will win the fight against poverty. The first successes are already booked with new crops grown in a laboratory, the first elementary school was built and the first savings and loan groups of farmers are already a success.


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